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Cromatografía Líquida

Analysis of Aflatoxins

Analysis of Phenolic Antioxidants

Analysis of Sunscreen Active

Analysis of Water Soluble B Vitamins

Antidepressants in Human Plasma

Carbendazim in Juice by UPLC TOF

Determination of Static Dissipater

Fatty Acids in Biosdiesel by SQ300

Monitoring Basic by products

PAHs in Surface Water

Quinolones by UPLC

Soluble Vitamins in Waters

Analysis of Bisphenol A in Toys

Analysis of Phenols in Whisky

Analysis of Synthetic Steroids

Analysys of Vitamins D2 y D3

Antioxidant in Edible Oil by PDA

Detection of Acrylamide

Determination of Sudan Dyes

Glyplosate after Derivation FMOC

Nitro Compounds in Sheep Rumen

Parabens in Hand Lotion

Safeguarding Food from Pesticide

Synthesis in a Sulfa Drug

Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Analysis of Soy Isoflavone

Analysis of Tetracyclines

Anlysys if common Sweeteners

Antioxidant in Edible Oil

Determinacion of nine Herbicide

Ergot Alcaloides by UPLC

Lubricants Application Guide

Organic Acids in Food by Flexar

Pesticides By UPLC

Salbutamol, Rectopamine

The Qualitative and Quantitative

Analysis of Organic Acids in Fruit

Analysis of Sugars in Honey

Analysis of Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin

Antibiotic Ophthalmic Solution

Carbamates by UPLC-SQ

Determination of Aflatoxins

Fast Soluble Vitamins by Flexar

Micotoxin Patulin in Apple Juice

Organic Acids in food

Preservatives in Cosmetics Products

Screening of 130 Pesticides

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